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Welcome to the LAX web site

We will shortly be adding to the range of distributed products, products from other professional high end manufacturers who have appointed LAX Professional Products their UK distributorship. We will keep you posted.

Here you will find product details on distributed products such as Rodec Mixers and processors, The Wembley Loudspeaker range, and Audioprof range of Sound limiters & and Sound level controllers...

If you have any suggestions regarding the content of this site, please feel free to e-mail your thoughts.

We are also planning on publishing owner opinions for each product we distribute in order to assist other buyers in their decision making. Opinions are to be sent to us by e-mail.

Product Reviews
MX-240 Mk III ( Rodec / Mixers )
MX-300 Mk III ( Rodec / Mixers )
HP 12/3D ( Wembley / Loud Speakers )
Last updated : 27th July, 2004
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